Vacant exposure – Luc Delahaye

He is one of the foremost talents in photography, yet many have not heard of his profile. Luc Delahaye is a French photographer, a man without a canvas whose work relies on the necessity of blogs and newspapers.

He is one of few photographers positioning themselves away from the modernisation of the craft – no socials, no website – just agency. His work strikes a chord through framing that whispers and cuts through emotion leaving you to wonder and contemplate. There is an isolation about his work often captured without people that screams ‘something is wrong here’.

He joined Magnum photos leaving in the mid 00’s and had photographed by commission for Newsweek. Although description and acclaim has reached the man for several years, his work speaks for itself.

Luc Delahaye -
Ambush in Ramallah, Iraq
Taliban fighter
Taliban fighter
Luc Delahaye Aftermath in Meulaboh
Aftermath in Meulaboh, Indonesia
Jenin Refugee Camp - 2001 by Luc Delahaye born 1962
Jenin Refugee Camp
US Bombing on Taliban Positions
US Bombing on Taliban Positions – 2001

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