If there is a hard Brexit, the Tories will be harder on us

Not the result we expected nor wanted considering Brexit negotiations ahead of us. News gatherers will anxiously await the result of such a disastrous election campaign mirroring the EU referendum in every way. Personal attacks, misinformation equalled a Conservative campaign promoted once more upon a throne of lies.

Newsgatherers everywhere, especially in Europe will need a better interpretation for what May’s Brexit deal entails to continue reporting. At this point, stricter travel, the abolition of the Human Rights Act can only mean one thing for the news industry if the company she keeps is anything to go by.

The truth from each campaign slogan was the key to understanding where each party truthfully stands. Reflecting on May’s track record of cuts, destabilisation of the NHS, police and her time as Home Secretary meant ‘strong and stable’ was code for ‘iron fist’. Corbyn’s policy of voting against the Iraq war, Syrian airstrikes and voting for the betterment of those less fortunate made ‘For the many, not the few‘ the sincerest of calls to lead a government. If only MPs channelled Corbyn’s voting record we may not have experienced such a security and financial debacle.

Wait is the word!

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